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Welcome to the L2 NVQ Diploma Rail Engineering Track Maintenance course, a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge for a rewarding career in rail engineering. This course, funded by the Adult Education Budget (AEB), is tailored to provide a pathway into the dynamic field of track maintenance.

Throughout the 6-week duration, this full-time course immerses participants in the intricacies of rail engineering track maintenance. Covering essential aspects such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sponsorship from employers, Sentinel Numbers, and medical/drug/alcohol testing, the curriculum ensures a holistic understanding of the industry’s safety protocols and operational requirements.

This course could lead to a career on track or self-employment.

– Full PPE: Comprehensive training on Personal Protective Equipment to adhere to industry safety standards.
– Sponsorship (Employer): Understanding the support and sponsorship from employers that can enhance career prospects.
– Sentinel Number: Exploring the significance and management of Sentinel Numbers within the rail engineering sector.
– Medicals/Drug/Alcohol Test: Insights into the health and safety measures crucial for a secure work environment.
– PTS – Personal Track Safety: Mastery of the fundamentals of Personal Track Safety, a vital certification for rail professionals.

The course spans six weeks, offering a full-time schedule with five days dedicated to on-track activities. Successful completion leads to accreditation with the EAL Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Rail Engineering Track Maintenance.

This course is suitable for beginners or experienced rail track engineers looking to develop their skills further. You must be 19+ and on JSA, ESA or Universal Credit. Please note that is a physically demanding course and is taught in the classroom and outdoors. 

The modules within this qualification include:

Prepare to undertake duties in the rail industry.

Carry out routine inspection of the Permanent Way infrastructure.

Assist in preparing resources for Permanent Way activities.

Restore plain line track geometry to operational condition.

Implement and monitor safe working systems for Permanent Way activities as a Protection master.

Undertake routine manual maintenance of the Permanent Way.

Full PPE

Sponsor (Employer)

Sentinel Number

Medicals/Drug/Alcohol test

PTS- Personal Track Safety 

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