The STC Group

Complaints Process

Policy Statement

At The STC Group we care about complaints. Complaints matter for everyone using our services, who deserve an explanation when things go wrong and want to know that steps have been taken to make it less likely to happen to anyone else. They matter because every concern or complaint is an opportunity to improve. Complaints may signal a problem and we need to know as a business how to improve at all times and at all opportunities.

Complaints matter because they tell us about the quality of our provision, service and delivery. They tell us about how responsive a member of staff is, how safe, effective, caring and well-planned they are.

The STC Group place feedback from people who use our services at the heart of our work, because every concern is an opportunity for us to improve the quality of our provision. We also want to hear about positive experiences so we can highlight good and outstanding services.

We take complaints seriously – and we expect our staff to do so too. All Learners (for the purpose of this Policy, a Learner is anyone on a STC Group Learning Programme, Traineeships and Apprentices) Inductions describe complaints handling. Poor practice will be found and acted on immediately. Good practice will be shared.

We work to make it easier to give us good quality feedback, and work with our staff/associates to improve learner’s experience.


Request Help

Please download the Complaints Process and complete the instructions to submit a complaint. If you need help please complete this form and somebody will call you back.