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The STC Group is proud to be involved in leading-edge training and professional development to a new generation of retrofit professionals in the UK.

See below for details of our accredited retrofit courses.


The STC Group is proud to be involved in leading-edge training and professional development to a new generation of retrofit professionals in the UK.

This qualification is the ideal place to start your retrofit journey. It takes a few days to complete, and it will give you a good understanding of what domestic retrofit involves. The qualification is applicable to a wide range of people, including those already working in the sector, those considering joining it and those who are impacted by it.

Careers in Domestic Retrofit

Retrofit is a new and exciting sector of the economy that should offer rewarding careers for thousands of people. Anybody currently working in this sector or thinking of working in it in the future would benefit from holding the Understanding Domestic Retrofit qualification.

Below are some of the key occupations in the retrofit sector:

Trades: Plastering, Joinery, Carpentry, Rendering, Plumbing, Heat Pump Installer and Solar Panel Installer

Professions: Retrofit Advisor, Retrofit Assessor, Retrofit Coordinator and Retrofit Designer

In addition, there are job roles in sectors such as social housing where this qualification will be valuable. For example, Tenant Liaison Officers, Asset Managers and Energy and Sustainability Officers.

All these job roles will require additional qualifications. However, Understanding Domestic Retrofit is a great place to start your career in the sector.

About the course

NOCN Level 2 Award in Understanding Domestic Retrofit is an Ofqual regulated qualification.

If you’re new to the world of domestic retrofit, it will give you a comprehensive and easy to follow introduction to whole-house retrofit. If you have some experience of energy efficiency projects already, it will build your knowledge to give you the bigger picture of domestic retrofit.

You will gain an understanding of what domestic retrofit is, what it is supposed to achieve, what you need to know when working in the industry, and what to look out for when installing energy efficiency measures in homes.

Course Content

The NOCN Level 2 Award in Understanding Domestic Retrofit features seven modules with extensive, interactive teaching materials, and self-tests to check your understanding along the way.

  • Introduction to Domestic Retrofit
  • Domestic Retrofit Information
  • Health & Safety
  • Domestic Retrofit Materials
  • Protecting The Work Area
  • Retrofit Contract information
  • Common Domestic Retrofit Installation Processes

This Level 3 Award in Domestic Retrofit Advice qualification is an industry-leading course designed to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills required to provide expert guidance on domestic energy retrofitting. This course covers key principles, strategies, and best practices necessary to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and improve sustainability in residential buildings.

As a retrofit advisor, you will play a vital role in helping homeowners and residents navigate the complexities of retrofitting. With a customer service-focused approach, you will provide valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring that clients fully comprehend the benefits and implications of retrofit measures.

About The Course

This Level 3 qualification provides learners with a range of knowledge and skills. Learners will also develop an understanding of PAS 2035 for working in the Retrofit Industry. The course is delivered in two weeks, online or face to face. 

Course Content

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest building regulations, planning permissions, and certification schemes related to domestic retrofitting.
  • Learn essential project management skills to oversee retrofit projects from start to finish.
  • Learn techniques for evaluating and monitoring the performance of retrofitted buildings.
  • Acquire effective communication techniques and client engagement strategies to provide exceptional customer service as a retrofit advisor.
  • Learn how to tailor your advice to meet the unique needs and preferences of homeowners and residents.


This qualification has been developed in response to the Government’s agenda to meet Net Zero targets by 2050, and the impact this will have on the domestic retrofit sector, in driving up the number of domestic retrofit installations required, and the need for these to be assessed correctly and professionally. It also aligns with the requirements of the PAS 2035 standard, which sets out minimum qualification requirements for Retrofit Assessors.

This Level 4 qualification provides learners with a range of knowledge and skills. Learners will also develop an understanding of PAS 2035 required for working as a Retrofit Assessor

About The Course

This Level 4 qualification provides learners with a range of knowledge and skills. Learners will also develop an understanding of PAS 2035 for working in the Retrofit Industry. The course is delivered in three weeks, online or face to face. 

Course Content

  • Advice Requirements in the PAS 2035 Retrofit Process
  • Assessing the General Condition of Buildings and Dwellings
  • Occupancy Assessments
  • Retrofit Assessment Reporting
  • The Principles of PAS 2035
  • The Retrofit Assessment Process
  • Ventilation and Energy Performance Requirements of Dwellings

This qualification is designed for individuals already qualified in site/building project management to gain a qualification in the project coordination and risk management of domestic retrofit projects, as well as providing a route for those already working in a retrofit capacity but lacking specific qualifications.

The qualification will equip learners with the specific knowledge and skills to deliver domestic retrofit projects to the standards detailed in PAS2035. the Retrofit Coordinator role is mandatory for all retrofit projects undertaken in conjunction with PAS 2035 which is fully backed by the government and TrustMark. The qualification is assessed through a combination of a mandatory end of qualification knowledge test, professional discussion(s) and externally set, internally marked scenario case study.

What is a PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordinator?

To create the warm, comfortable, and energy efficient homes needed to meet our emissions goals it is essential we develop exacting retrofit standards; advance best practices; and develop the processes, roles, and skills needed to achieve this.

PAS 2035 is a publicly available specification which outlines the necessary standards for the future of domestic retrofit. It is designed to enhance retrofit standards, improve processes, and introduce new skills, capabilities and roles.

The built environment professionals responsible for facilitating, managing, and delivering retrofit work to the PAS 2035 standard are called Retrofit Coordinators.

The role of the Retrofit Coordinator was introduced by PAS 2035 and is mandatory on all domestic retrofit projects delivered under TrustMark. TrustMark is the recognised Quality Mark for the energy efficiency sector and compliance with TrustMark and PAS 2035 is required by government-funded schemes.

Who should become a Retrofit Coordinator?

To become a Retrofit Coordinator, you need to have a qualification in a built environment subject that is at least Level 3 with a minimum of 12 credits (your credits should be detailed on your certificate). Level 3 qualifications are equivalent to an A Level certification.

If you hold a university degree relevant to the built environment this would also meet the entry requirements for this course.

Retrofit Coordinators can be currently operating in a wealth of jobs and disciplines.

Asset Manager Architect Building Surveyor Technical Manager Consultant Engineer Project Manager

Methods of Study

When you sign up to the course you will get access to our Learner Management System; our state-of-the-art eLearning platform through which the course is delivered, and your assignments are submitted. The eLearning modules are enhanced by our unique Retrofit Coordinator training sessions which give you a crucial peer learning experience supported by our expert tutors, who are also practising Retrofit Coordinators.

The training sessions are available online via virtual learning or in our training centre depending on your preference.

For all CITB registered employers this course is recognised and is grant supported (£600 per person upon completion) please get in touch with your local CITB advisor for further information CITB in your local area – CITB

Course Modules

1. Introduction to Domestic Retrofit

2. Retrofit Quality Assurance and Risk Management

3. Building Physics – Thermal Efficiency

4. Building Physics – Managing Moisture Risk

5. Assessing Dwellings for Retrofit

6. Improvement Option Evaluation and Medium-Term Retrofit Plans

7. Improving the Building Fabric – Floors and Roofs

8. Improving the Building Fabric – Walls and Windows

9. Improving Air-Tightness and Ventilation

10. Improving the Building Services – Heating, Hot Water, Lighting and Power

11. Improving the Building Services – Renewable Energy Systems

12. Post Retrofit Testing, Monitoring and Evaluation

Assessment Methods

All learners are assigned to one of our assessors, who will provide guidance and feedback on all of your assignments. All assessors are graduates from the Level 5 Diploma, hand- picked for their experience and expertise.

The course is assessed via:

End of module multiple choice tests

Short written assignments relating to the key learning objectives

A verbal presentation relating to the case study


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