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5 Tips for Healthy Skin


From our Hair and Beauty team and students, here are five ways to ensure healthy skin.

Drink Water

Our number one tip is to sty hydrated, and this means drinking water, preferably mineral water, and avoiding sugary drinks, alcohol and other drinks that may actually end up dehydrating you.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is the worst thing for your skin and will prematurely age you, so if you smoke and want healthy skin – stop!

Use a barrier cream

Even in the winter, you should protect your skin with a minimum factor 30 to avoid UV damage.

Eat Well

Have your five a day and avoid sugar, processed foods, chocolate and junk food that could clog your pores and contribute to premature ageing. 

Visit a beauty therapist

Have a regular facial and treat yourself. Ask your therapist for the best moisturizer and cleansing routine for your skin type